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Besides being one of the most famous magicians in the world, Simon Pierro is a highly educated business expert who is a magical speaker and corporate event entertainer. He specializes in event entertainment with an intriguing difference: he holds the audience’s interest with his unique “magical moments.” His fresh perspective, authentic, smart approach and witty sense of humor make him unique among magicians, never failing to fascinate audiences worldwide.

As I’m sure you are aware, you were a great hit and the nature of the magic, with the iPad, was so appropriate to our business. Everybody right up to the CEO was impressed and fascinated! – Sue Stanley, Aruba Networks

Simon creates enchanting speeches that are as focused on your business and products as they are engaging for your guests. And, he can help you come up with unique corporate event ideas that are customized just for you. For example, with his sleight-of-hand skills and technological knowledge, Simon can make your products appear on an iPad screen and then magically materialize in the physical world. He can illustrate his points in a way audiences will never forget. That’s what makes him the ideal corporate event entertainer in any setting.

Even complicated concepts are made significantly more memorable when accompanied by visual effects and illusions. And those kind of visual enhancements happen to be Simon’s specialty.

You’ve never seen or heard a speaker — or encountered a corporate event entertainer — like Simon.

Speaker Simon Pierro

Speaker and Host Simon Pierro

Captivating event speaker Simon Pierro

Captivating event speaker Simon Pierro illustrates his points with magic.