iPad Magic Videos from Around the World: Simon Pierro

You’ve probably been enjoying reading about the iPad magic of Simon Pierro, and you might have heard about his sensational performances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, NBC TODAY and Penn & Teller’s “Fool Us,” among many other international television appearances.

But we’re thinking that what you really want to do is watch some of his unique iPad magic, right? How about some of his unusual digital magic? Well, you’ve arrived at the right page, because if you haven’t seen Simon Pierro in action, you’re in for a treat. Here’s where you can find some of Simon’s best videos featuring his iPad magic, pranks and mysterious illusions — all in one place. Have fun!

Simon Pierro is an international television star, and here’s his trailer to prove it. His popularity first spread throughout Germany, and then built in its intensity, spreading throughout the world. He’s been on television all over the globe, in places as far away as Indonesia and Hong Kong, world capitals like London and Paris, and many other national television networks in between. Lately, Simon’s been making significant inroads into the U.S. market, showing off his feats of prestidigitation on major American programs such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, NBC TODAY, Penn & Teller’s “Fool Us” and a lot more.
Simon’s first appearance on American network television featured his breakthrough performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It made him famous in the United States literally overnight. As you can see in this clip of highlights from Simon’s performance on the program, Ellen was humorously astonished by his iPad magic illusions. The funniest part of this clip is Ellen’s reactions to Simon’s spellbinding trickery. By the way, this particular video clip has received more views — on Ellen’s website and on YouTube — than any other magician who has ever appeared on Ellen’s program.

What would Oktoberfest be without a frosty glass of ice-cold German beer? When Simon’s around, the beer flows freely out of his iPad, through some miraculous feat that we’re certain must disobey quite a few of the laws of physics. Don’t worry about how it’s done — just keep in mind that you’re looking at real beer coming out of that iPad, and Simon is the only one in the world who can make that happen. For those who are squeamish about alcohol, Simon has even been known to make milk flow out of the iPad, to the astonishment of everyone around him. And somehow, that polka music starts playing whenever the beer flows, making us feel like jumping up and dancing every time it happens. How about you? Prost!
Simon loves to perform at huge conferences like Vidcon in Los Angeles, and here’s a video that shows his appearance at that conference in 2013. Check out Simon’s astonishing sequence of iPad magic tricks, where he pulls various objects out of the iPad, soaks his friend thousands of miles away with a glass of milk, does a mentalist trick involving a newspaper, and lots more. Don’t miss him wowing the crowd with the quintessentially German illusion of extracting a couple of glasses of beer from the iPad! Here’s the clip where you can get a good feeling for Simon’s appearances at a variety of corporate events and product launches, where he regularly performs all over the world.
When iOS game developer Rovio approached Simon about creating videos for its hugely popular game, Angry Birds, Simon jumped at the chance. An avid Angry Birds player himself, Simon realized the appeal of the world’s most popular iOS game ever created. Here you see him in a video featuring Angry Birds Seasons: Arctic Eggspedition, where he adds an extra dimension to the game with his iPad magic. Rovio was so delighted with Simon and his iPad magic, the company decided to name him the official magician of Angry Birds.
Here’s the video that started it all. Simon sent this video to a variety of websites, including Mashable. And that’s where he hit paydirt, when the site wrote an exclusive story about him and included this video along with it. It was a smash hit, immediately attracting millions of views, and catapulting Simon into the public eye all over the world with his brand-new and completely unique iPad magic tricks. Simon’s association with Mashable continued, with the popular social media site writing about him for years (and still writing about him to this day), gladly debuting many of his new clips on the site which were spread all over the planet via social media, word-of-mouth, and the infectious enthusiasm of Simon’s large groups of fans worldwide.
As Simon’s popularity spread across the planet, like-minded companies continue to seek him out with all kinds of ideas. When the world’s largest toy company, LEGO, approached him about doing a video featuring its products, Simon enthusiastically agreed that it would be a great way to showcase the little plastic blocks that are the favorite of kids and adults everywhere. He created a special group of tricks with LEGO bricks of all shapes and sizes, delighting these children when they saw LEGO in contexts that they had never dreamed of. See what you think of Simon and his sweet interactions with these little ones, and say it along with us: “awww.”
What’s Simon doing at a tattoo convention? Why, he’s discovered a painless way to apply a tattoo with his iPad. Don’t believe it? Here’s the video evidence, where the world’s best iPad magician pays tribute to his beloved mom just by sliding the iPad along his arm. Who knew tattoos could be so easy to acquire? Not only can Simon apply a tattoo in this super-easy way, but he offers a variety of tattoo styles to onlookers, where they can pick which one he applies to his arm, claiming that he’ll have to wear that tattoo for the rest of his life. But wait a minute — not only can he apply tattoos to his arm, he can remove them using his magical iPad. Is there anything this guy can’t do?