The ‚Naked Scanner App‘

The advanced process of digital transformation brings along discussion about privacy and data protection. Increasing video surveillance and reports about hackers taking control over your camera systems intensify the fear of becoming a ’Transparent Man’.
Perfect prevailing conditions to test my newest creation: the ‚Naked Scan App‘.

How does the app work? Open the camera on your phone or iPad and simply point towards a passer-by. On the display, in contrast to reality, you will see the person you’re filming completely naked.
Do we all have to be afraid from now on every time a camera is pointed at us? Is this really an existing technology?
Well, you guessed it, it’s not (yet)!

If you followed my work in the past you may have realized that I always enjoy testing my fellow humans’ faith in technology. I like to showcase innovations that don’t really exist. For example I poured beer out of my iPad at the world-famous german beer hall Hofbraeuhaus Munich. Another time I made my iPad levitate by using a so-called ‘helium app’.

To be fair, people might have heard about body scanners in regards to airport security controls. And actually powerful augmented reality applications are already capable of exchanging faces in real-time.
We’re now able to project masks, make-up and beards onto our moving faces – for example with the very successful Snapchat app. Almost like performing magic!

I am curious to find out how my viewers will relate to this topic on my YouTube channel.

Thanks a lot to the shopping mall in Regensburg, Germany where we are always welcome to shoot our videos. The Elevator Spider Prank was also recorded there which is the most successful video on my channel to date, with 13 million views and counting.

Also a big thank you to my ‚naked models’ Jane Sommer, Ngà Doa and Elias Del Core
(Instagram Elias DelCore )

While doing research for the making of this video I found a few clips that went into the same direction, for example a naked scanner at the airport „Just for laughs“, or a prank app for Android phones.
In this respect credit also goes to those people as well.

Naked Scanner App

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